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CF Smooth Tofu 300g
CF Japanese Pressed Tofu 400g
CF Traditional Tofu 250g
CF Organic Smooth Tofu 300g
CF Block Tofu 200g
Crystal Peeled Pineapple (Malaysia) 350g
Cheong Fatt Chopped Garlic 250g
Mee Rakyat Mee Kuning (Malaysia) 450g
Jia-Jia Egg Tofu 120g x 3
Cheong Fatt Egg Tofu 130g
Salted Vegetable (Sayur Masin) (China) 250g
Peeled Roasted Chestnut (CHN) C50 128g
Roasted Chestnut (China) 150g
Fresh Kerisik (Malaysia) 200g
Yes Gourmet Fresh Seedless Lime Juice 510g
miyakoichi g/hiranobe udon 3
Vanda Tempeh (Malaysia) 250g
Win Mee Sup (Malaysia) 400g
Jussu Spark Fruit Juice (Malaysia) 250ml
Authentic Thai Palm Sugar (Thailand) 200g

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