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About Us

Jaya Grocer Online is a one-stop online centre for all your daily grocery needs. We provide an easy-to-use online shopping platform to facilitate to our customer’s hectic lifestyle to do grocery shopping while striving to provide you with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience. 

Jaya Grocer Online offers a plethora of quality products including fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, and assorted imported products from all over the world! You can get a wide variety of non-halal products from Hank’s as well. Also, for the health-conscious consumers, our organic section is filled with everything you'll ever need for a healthier you! We always prioritize the freshness and quality of our products to ensure our customer gets only the best when it comes to groceries.  We believe it is the customer’s satisfaction and service that makes us stronger and better.

At Jaya Grocer Online, customers can shop for their daily needs with just a few clicks. Get your household essentials with the convenience of home delivery 7 days a week. Shop for groceries fast and easy with Jaya Grocer Online!

At Jaya Grocer Online, you can choose from over thousands of products spread across various categories such as fresh meats, vegetables, food essentials, bakery, beauty, health appliances, pet care and many more that are sold at our physical store. We work hard to ensure that your online shopping experience will be similar to shopping at our physical store!

If you have any suggestions for new products or new features that you would like to see on our website, please do not hesitate to inform us via Live Chat, write to us via, or call us at 03-5626 0043.

Jaya Grocer Online currently operates in major locations in Klang Valley which are Intermark Kuala Lumpur, Empire Subang Jaya, The Starling Mall Petaling Jaya, Plaza Jelutong Shah Alam, DPulze Cyberjaya, Main Place USJ and Pearl Point Old Klang Road. Soon, we will expand our delivery business to other areas and other cities too.

My Account

To register, simply click on the Register button on the top right corner and proceed to enter your details. Otherwise, you can always browse the item first and register during the checkout process. Please ensure your delivery address is under our covered areas by checking your postcode using the 'Change Area' button on the top left corner of the website.

Go to the Login page and click on Forgot Password. Please enter your email address in the field provided. An email with a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address shortly after.

All your personal details are kept under your account settings. To edit your existing details (eg. address or mobile no.), simply sign in and click on My Account (at the top right-hand corner of the page). Your personal details will be detailed there, just type in your new details and click Confirm.

Select My Account on the website and all your personal details will be displayed. Type your new address and click Confirm. Please be noted that you can’t change your address when your delivery is already due. You will need to wait until the order has been delivered before changing it. If you really need to change the delivery address, please contact our Customer Service and we will gladly assist you.

In order to enjoy the best experience while shopping at, please ensure that you have a working internet connection and are using one of the following supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9 or above

From time to time, we might schedule planned/unplanned routine maintenance on our systems to deliver the best performance for you. You will be informed if you attempt to access the site and mobile app during these times.

Our app is currently limited to the Malaysian region in the App Store/Play Store. If you are having difficulties to download or access our app from the store, we suggest that you try to change the region/country settings of your Play Store/App Store to Malaysia or access our website on your mobile or desktop browser for a smoother shopping experience.

Mobile Apps

Absolutely! You can shop on your mobile phone or tablet by downloading the Jaya Grocer app.

For iOS system devices:

For Android system devices:

You can shop on any devices you want. As long as you are using the same account across all your devices, your carts, addresses and payment method will be automatically synced across all of them. You can also visit on your mobile browser to shop on the go. You just need to sign in to your account to get all your past activities across your devices synced.

For the best mobile app experience, we recommend you to enable automatic updates so you won’t miss the latest updates for a seamless shopping spree experience. However, if you prefer to manually update, do check on your App Store or Play Store regularly for the latest version of the Jaya Grocer app.


You have two options to choose from:

First option:-

Open Jaya Grocer Online website/mobile app → Check your delivery coverage → Register your details → Shop your groceries → Choose a time slot → Review, Payment and Checkout

Second option:-

Open Jaya Grocer Online website/mobile app → Check your delivery coverage → Shop your groceries → Choose a time slot → Register your details → Review, Payment and Checkout

Kindly contact our Customer Service for any addition, amendment or cancellation of your order. Any changes should be done three (3) hours prior to scheduled delivery time.

Kindly contact our Customer Service to change your delivery slot and please be noted it must be done three (3) hours prior to scheduled delivery time.

Once you check out your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email of your orders. You will see the details of your products, quantities and estimated prices relating to your order.

Products which are currently not available will be displayed as “Out of Stock” and customers cannot add the item to the shopping cart.

For your information, we use our outlet as a fulfilment base for every online order. Therefore, some products that are available during your online order may be out of stock during fulfilment, as it might be purchased by walk-in customers. Our Customer Service Representatives will contact you to inform you about the items that are out of stock and get further directions. You may opt for any substitute suggested by the Customer Service Representative or you can choose to cancel the item out of your order. Your total amount will be recalculated after.

If customers are unable to be contacted, we’ll hold your order and wait for your response until 30 minutes prior to delivery time, before we automatically cancel the “Out of Stock” products and proceed with the remaining items on your order.

We regret to tell you that we do not support bulk purchase at the moment. This is for the safety of our Delivery Representatives since they only use motorbikes to deliver your order. The maximum quantity we allow any customer to order is up to two (2) delivery boxes.

Every product you add to your Shopping Cart is measured to fit into the delivery box. If you have reached the maximum order, you will be given the option to complete your current order or add one more box with an additional charge of RM8. If your total order exceeds RM300, the delivery will be FREE OF CHARGE.

At Jaya Grocer Online, your satisfaction is our priority. We have a number of dedicated pickers that are trained to pick only the freshest produce and high-quality goods as if they are shopping for themselves. On top of that, they will choose products with the furthest best before dates, so you don't have to worry about receiving expired items. You can also include specific requests as a remark in your order if you require specific items in a specific condition. (e.g.: Medium-sized cabbage please).

Our team has also been trained to separate food items from non-food items, light and heavy items, as well as chilled and frozen items. This is all to ensure you will receive your items in pristine condition.



At the moment, you can check your order status by calling our Customer Service Representatives at 03-5626 0043. In the near future, you can check your order status via our real-time update on our mobile applications.

If you encounter any problem while ordering/after receiving your order, you can report the issue on our website using the live chat function or you can contact us at or at 03-5626 0043. Our Customer Service Representatives are always ready to help you. We value your feedback highly and we will definitely do everything we can to resolve your issue.


Our delivery is available daily on Monday until Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. We also deliver on Public Holidays.

Our standard delivery charge is RM 9. If your order requires an extra delivery box, there will be an additional charge of RM8 per delivery box. Orders of RM300 and above qualify for FREE DELIVERY.

The earliest you can receive your order is within three (3) hours from the time your purchased is confirmed, subject to available delivery slots.

There is no minimum order for delivery.

Yes, you can make payment via cash upon receiving your order. We also accept credit/debit card on site via CIMB’s MPOS device. Our riders are well trained to handle all of the payment methods.

We have our own fleet of speedy Delivery Representatives that will deliver your order right to your doorstep with a smile. Rest assured that your order will be handled with care by our trained pickers and riders.

Currently, we cover most parts of Kuala Lumpur, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Putrajaya & Cyberjaya, USJ 21 and Old Klang Road areas (more to come very soon!). To find out if your area is covered, on your first visit to, please enter the postcode of your delivery address so that our system can confirm if your area is covered and identify which store is nearest to you. Once this is done, you no longer need to enter the postcode again on your next visit (within 30 days of your last login).

In such cases, our rider will return the goods to the fulfilment base if you are not at home/unable to be reached after 20 minutes of delivery arrival. This is done in order to maintain the freshness of perishable items (fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, frozen goods, and etc.)

If there is no one at home to receive the delivery, you can inform our Customer Service Representative at or call us at 03-5626 0043 to reschedule the delivery time.

Our Customer Service Representative will contact you to reschedule the date and time of next delivery. Please note that there will be an additional delivery charge of RM9 imposed after the unsuccessful first delivery. Do note that perishables such as meat and frozen food are not refundable in this instance, hence, you may need to re-purchase those perishable items.

Yes, your family or representative may receive your items on your behalf. He or she must sign the delivery form on your behalf. For verification purposes, the family member must present the order ID number before receiving the goods from our rider.

There may be changes/delays to delivery, subject to weather conditions, order amount, rider availability and etc. For that reason, our Customer Service Representatives will call and inform you of any delay as soon as we can.

Currently, at this moment, we do not support self-collection. All orders will be delivered by our riders to your delivery address.


We accept Cash on Delivery (COD), Debit card, as well as VISA and MasterCard.

Yes, definitely. We guarantee that every transaction you make at is 100% safe. You are protected from any unauthorised charges (usage without the consent of the account holder) made to your card while shopping at

As a fraud-preventive measure, we will send you a confirmation email once your order is confirmed. If you receive a confirmation email for a transaction you didn't approve, please contact your bank directly to raise this issue and they will then liaise with us on your behalf.

When making payment on our website, you are required to fill in your credit/debit card details for booking/locking purpose. The transaction will only be made once you have successfully received the goods with your signature on our Proof of Delivery (POD).

Yes, you can. Our Delivery Representative is equipped with a CIMB MPOS device that accepts credit/debit cards for COD.


For any wrong/damaged/faulty products that are caused by our party, you can choose to not receive the goods. We will deduct the amount of the said product and we will only charge you for the products you buy. 

If the image or description shown on our website is wrong, you can report it to us at We have the rights to change, modify, or cancel the product from your order without prior notice. 

You can choose to reject the particular product. We will deduct the price of the product from the total amount you paid and we will refund the money back to you according to your payment method.

Our customer service will liaise with you regarding any issues with your order. In any case that we cannot replace your product, we will deduct it from the total amount you paid. If the payment is made online, we will refund your money. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

All chilled product will be delivered using a cooler bag to maintain the temperature and freshness.

Customers can shop for non-halal items on our website and mobile app. Jaya Grocer is very careful to ensure that Halal and non-Halal orders are totally separated during checkout, delivery, and at any other times. To ensure this, all non-halal items/order are packed using different coloured sealed bags and they are put in separate parts of the delivery box during transport.

All photos on the website are for illustration purpose only. The packaging of the products may change due to festive seasons or promotional offers. Jaya Grocer reserves the right to change/modify/cancel the packaging or the descriptions of the products without prior notice. However, you can choose to not receive the goods that are not as per your order. We will deduct the amount and only charge you for the products you purchase.

Customers must be of legal age of 21 years and older to purchase or consume alcohol. Before you can order or sign up for an account, you must agree to our terms of use, confirming that you will not furnish alcoholic beverages obtained through the service to any person who is under 21 years of age. Our Delivery Representatives have been trained to recognize fake or invalid forms of ID and will deny deliveries to individuals who do not meet state-mandated standards. Once an order is delivered to a person of legal age, who shows a valid form of identification and agrees to the terms of use, it is that individual's legal responsibility to not share the order with people who are underage - essentially the same as when drinks are purchased from a brick and mortar store.


If you notice an item that you believe is priced incorrectly or unfairly, please let us know at You can choose to not receive the goods that are not as per your order. We will deduct the amount and only charge you for the products you purchase. On very rare occasions, the price of some products might change due to unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to change to correct price or to cancel ordered items that are priced incorrectly due to error without any prior notice.

The prices published on website and mobile app are always the same as the store price. However, due to the time difference between the time the order is placed and the goods picked for delivery, the price may differ (due to promotion start/end, new packaging, weight change, and etc.). The final price will be the price on the day the goods are picked for delivery.

Upon payment, you’ll see on the website and mobile app we show the total to be paid as the guide price. This is because we cannot guarantee that it will be the final price due to the following reasons:

  • Between placing an order and having it delivered there may be new promotions or other price changes on the products in your order.
  • Loose produce (for example, fruit and vegetable) is charged by weight so it is chosen by the quantity of produce - the price can vary as the weight of the product does.
  • Pre-packed, weighing items like meat, poultry and cheese may also result in a slight variation in price - the price can vary as the weight of the product does. If the products you order aren't available, we'll try to offer you a substitute.

Our Customer Service Representatives will update you about the substituted product. In any case, you may accept or reject the sub or opt for other substitute product (e.g other brands, closest product type, other flavour and etc.).

Yes. We follow the same procedure as our physical store.


If there are items that you deem unsatisfactory from your online order, we are happy to assist you with your complaints, returns or refunds. You can submit your complaint along with photo proof to us via email ( or live chat within 7 days upon receiving your order or you may bring the item along with the proof of purchase to the nearest online fulfilment outlet in the following list within 7 days to be eligible for a replacement or refund:

  1. Bangsar Market @ KLEC Mall
  2. Jaya Grocer Empire Subang
  3. Jaya Grocer Bukit Jelutong
  4. Jaya Grocer D'Pulze
  5. Jaya Grocer RNF Mall
  6. Jaya Grocer Gurney Paragon

For items that are broken, spoiled, ruined, expired, our return policy is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Items purchased as part of a set or a multi-item pack must be returned as a whole set.
  • Food items are to be returned within their use-by date.
  • We do not accept certain products that have been unsealed or used due to health and hygiene reasons (such as toothbrush or soap).
  • This return policy does not apply to items, which have been stated as Non-exchangeable or Non-returnable.

Please be aware that some products have different return time limits and exceptions.

For refunds above RM100, we will process your refund within 2 business days. After your refund is processed, it may take up to 14 business days for your bank to credit the money to your account.

For refunds below RM100, we will process your refund according to MOLPay's settlement day (every Monday and Thursday, if the said day is not a Malaysian public or state holiday. Otherwise settlement will be done on the following Monday/Thursday). After your refund is processed, it may take up to 14 business days for your bank to credit the money to your account.

If you have a change of mind, please contact our Customer Service Representative to cancel the order 1 day before the delivery. We’ll refund your money in the same way you paid for your product.


  1. The following terms and conditions apply to the redemption and use of Jaya Grocer Online promotional vouchers, voucher codes, promotional codes, discount codes, and etc. ("Vouchers").

  2. Vouchers are only valid for use on Jaya Grocer Online website (, mobile website or mobile applications (Android & iOS).

  3. Only registered Jaya Grocer Online customers may redeem the voucher.

  4. Each voucher can only be redeemed once and you can only use one voucher per transaction.

  5. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

  6. All vouchers have an expiration date. If left unused, the voucher will expire on the date indicated. Each voucher is valid for a limited time as specified for the campaign or as shown on the voucher. The offer ends at 11:59 pm (GMT) on the date specified, or as indicated by Jaya Grocer, or if all available voucher has been redeemed, whichever comes first.

  7. When using your vouchers, if you placed an order that is worth less than your voucher amount, the difference will not be refunded to you and if you placed an order that is worth more than your voucher, you may pay for the difference using Visa or MasterCard or cash during COD. The same applies if the item you ordered is out of stock/replaced. 

  8. Jaya Grocer Online reserves the right to cancel or modify any order, or annul the use of vouchers for any reason, including:

    • suspicious or fraudulent purchasing activity or voucher use;
    • voucher abuse, including the use of one or more voucher(s) on multiple accounts or multiple checkout attempts associated with the same customer or group of customers; or
    • voucher used in bad faith (including using vouchers purchased from third parties or use of vouchers by customers purchasing products for the purpose of re-selling)
  9. Without the permission of Trendcell Sdn Bhd (E-Commerce), it is not permitted to sell, trade or purchase online vouchers or voucher codes in any way. This also applies to purchase of vouchers or voucher codes from third parties.

  10. Jaya Grocer Online will not be liable and/or be required to offer replacement vouchers, discounts, credits, cash or otherwise compensate customers for:

    • discontinued or canceled or expired vouchers; or
    • improper use of a voucher
  11. Jaya Grocer Online reserves the right to change these terms & conditions or cancel any promotions at any time and without prior notice.

  12. By redeeming any Jaya Grocer Online voucher, you acknowledge that you have read, understand and accepted our Online Voucher Terms & Conditions.

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