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Dettol Sensitive Antibacterial Hand Wash 250g
Antabax antibac handwash-sensitive 400ml
Dove Bar Soap White 100g
Panadol activefast 10s
Dettol antiba. hand wash-skin care 250ml
Save 37%
Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo 340ml
Colgate toothpaste 250g
Save 37%
Pantene Smooth and Silky Shampoo 340ml
Antabax hand snitizer spray 50ml
Method hand soap gel-waterfall 354ml
Nivea Body Milk Intensive Moisture 400ml
Libresse Maxi Night Wing Pad 32cm x 12
Lifebuoy b/wash coolfresh 950ml*1
Method expr body wash deep detox 532ml
Dove relaxing hydration 1lit
Antabax antibac handwas- fresh 450ml
Libresse Ultra-Thin Wing Pad 24cm x 18pcs
Listerine total care 250ml *1
Neem active toothpaste 200g
Save 37%
Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo 340ml
Save 37%
Pantene gc conditioner daily mstre rpr 335ml *1
Method men body wash juniper+sage 532ml
Dove softening hydration 1lit
Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo Ardan oil 400ml
Gillette blue ii plus ultra sensitive 5s
Save 22%
Listerine coolmint 2x750ml
RM 33.99 RM 43.60
Save 15%
Laurier Super Slim Guard Sanitary Pad 16 pads x 2 packs
Method expr body wash pure peace 532ml
Colgate total 12 -prof whitening  150g*1
Antabax a/bact. soap-fresh 3s+1 x85g *1
Lux soap-velvet touch 3sx80g
Dettol Anti-Bacterial Cool Bar Soap 105g x 4

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