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Glad aluminium foil 25sqft
Diamond Cooking & Baking Paper 8m x 30cm 1unit
Glad Cling Wrap 200feet 61m x 30cm
Diamond Cling Wrap 60m 1unit
Lacy's chefbake cook&bake paper 30cmx5m
Glad cling wrap 100ft 30.5mx30cm
Ziploc storage gallon eot bag 20s
Diamond Aluminium Foil 25 sq.ft (24)
Glad zipper sandwich bag- 50s
Ziploc storage quart eot bag 25s
Diamond Cling Wrap 30m 1unit
Egg boiler yellow
Ziploc freezer quart eot bag 20s
Diamond zipper bag - m 25s
GT Gas Lighter
RM 5.90
Diamond sandwich zipper bag- s 50s
Glad zipper freezer quart bag (s) 20s
Glad zipper freezer gallon bag (l) 15s
Bamboo cutting board 9x12.5in**
Diamond zipper bag - l 20s
SR food tong s/steel 9in
Srainer-s/steel 9cm
CS star chef knife 20cm
Oil funnel stainless steel
Ziploc slider storage gallon bag 15s
Crystal wrap catering film 30cmx300m
Nature Red Clear Container (1.7Litre) 1pc
Acrylic pepper grinder

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