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Foccacia Bread 3pcs/pack
French Loaf 1pc
French Loaf 1pc
RM 4.60
Burger Bun 5pcs/pack
Sourdough Bread 1unit
French Village Bread 1 pc
Ciabatta 1 pc
Ciabatta 1 pc
RM 5.30
Wholemeal Baguette 1 pc
Raisin Loaf 1unit
Country Oven Multiseed Bread 1unit
Sugar Ring Doughnut 5pcs/pack
Gardenia Delicia Coklat Cream Bun 50g
Plain Butter Roll 5pcs/pack
Hot Dog Bun 5pcs/pack
Sesame Baguette 1 pc
Brioche 1unit
Brioche 1unit
RM 12.90
Artisan Baguette 1unit
Rye Bread 1 pc
Rye Bread 1 pc
RM 7.50
Whole Grain Rye Bread 1pc
Gardenia Twiggies Choc-A-Lot 40g x 2
Gardenia Delicia Bun Sambal Bilis 60g
Alpine Grain Bread 1unit
7 Days Chocolate Croissant 60g
Wholemeal Burger Bun 5pcs/pack
Munchy’s 7 Days Croissant with Butter Filling 60g
Munchys 7 Days Croissant with Chocolate Filling 60g
Caramel Cranberry Cream Cheese 4pcs/pack
Samudra Blueberry Bun 100g
Gardenia Delicia Vanilla Cream Bun 50g
7Days Croissant with Vanilla Cream Filling 60g
Gardenia Butter Sugar Cream Roll 50g
Butter Roll 4pcs/pack
Oreo Vanilla Wafer Roll 54g

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