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Lemon 5pcs/pack
Lemon 5pcs/pack
RM 8.80
Cavendish Banana (Philippines) 1kg
Blueberry 125g
Blueberry 125g
RM 10.90
Save 15%
Navel Orange 8pcs/pack (USA)
RM 21.90 RM 25.90
Calamansi (Limau Kasturi) (Malaysia) 150g
Granny Smith Green Apple (South Africa) 8pcs/pack
Brinjal - long (terung panjang) 300g
Red Dragon Fruit (Malaysia) 1kg
Red Delicious Apple (USA) 8pcs/pack
Red Seedless Watermelon 5kg
Spongebob Packham Pear (South Africa) 850g
Hong Kong Papaya 1.2kg
RM 12.90
Golden Susu Mango (Thailand) 1kg
Grapefruit 3pcs/pack
Grapefruit 3pcs/pack
RM 7.90
Sunkist Valencia Orange 4pcs/pack
Johor Pomelo (Sweet and Sour) (Malaysia) 1unit
Luo Han Guava (Malaysia) 1kg
Packham Pear (South Africa) 800g
Hass Avocado (USA) 3pcs/pack
Driscoll's Strawberry (USA) 250g
Golden Lily Mango (Thailand) 1kg
Fuji Apple (China)  3pcs/pack
Breeze Apple (New Zealand) 8pcs/pack
Clementine Mandarin (South Africa) 1kg
Sunkist Cara Cara Orange (USA) 8pcs/pack
Save 23%
Zespri Sungold Kiwi (New Zealand) 3pcs/pack
Peeled Sabah Pomelo (Malaysia) 350g

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