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Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 30pcs
Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24pcs/pack
Lindt Lindor Assorted Swiss Milk Chocolate 200g
Lindt Lindor Milk Swiss Milk Chocolate 200g
Lokam KS Blossoming (China) XL-size 16pcs/pack
Sing Long Prepacked Yee Sang 350g
Lokam Auspicious Wealth (China) L-size 16pcs/pack
Kise Hexagon Assorted Preserved Fruits 580g
Half Pistachio Kernel 250g
Tong Garden CNY Festive Pack Salted Cashew Buts Mixed Macadamia 355g
Tong Garden CNY Festive Pack Salted Pistachios 330g
Tong Garden CNY Festive Pack Salted Cashew Nuts 365g
Lokam Prosperity (China) XL-size 8pcs
Tong Garden Nutrione Season's Greetings Gift Pack 340g
Save 21%
Whittaker’s Almond Gold Milk Chocolate Bar 200g
Whittaker’s Dark Almond Chocolate Bar 200g
Whittaker’s Creamy Milk Chocolate Bar 200g
Lokam Red Basket (China) L-size 18pcs/pack
Lokam Yong Chun L-size 24pcs/pack
Lays CNY Festive Pack Variety Potato Chips 28.3g x 10
Danisa Traditional Butter Cookies 454g
Julie's Love Letters With Chocolate Cream 705g
Manjun Laverland Crunch Sea Salt Seaweed Snack 40.5g
Manjun Laverland Crunch Wasabi Seaweed Snack 40.5g
McVities Digestives Dark Chocolate (Twin Pack) 316g x 2
McVities Digestives Milk Chocolate (Twin Pack) 632g
Lokam Gift Blessing (China) L-size 8pcs
McVities Digestive Biscuits 360g x 2
Save 22%
Planters Cocktail Peanut 454g
RM 20.88 RM 26.90
Toblerone Mini Swiss Milk Chocolate Nuogat 200g
Camel Natural Cocktail Mix 150g
Yong Chun Lokam (Premium) M-Size 28pcs/pack
Save 8%
Camel Baked Natural Almonds 135g
Nature’s Wonders Fusion of Fruits & Nuts 150g
Nature Wonder Royal Mix 130g
Nature’s Wonders Baked Almonds 150g
Nature’s Wonders Baked Cashew Nuts 150g
Save 19%
Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner Biscuit 250g
Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Biscuit 250g
Save 11%
Kit Kat Golden Dragon Gift Box 208g

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