Apples and Pears

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Royal Gala Apple (USA) 8pcs/pack
Red Delicious Apple (USA) 8pcs/pack
Spongebob Packham Pear (South Africa) 850g
Spongebob Fuji Apple (South Africa) 750g
Organic Juliet Apple (France) 4pcs/pack
Premium Golden Pear (China) 2pcs/pack
Envy Apple (New Zealand)  1pc
Packham Pear (South Africa) 800g
Fuji Apple (China) 3pcs/pack
Breeze Apple (New Zealand) 8pcs/pack
Granny Smith Apple (South Africa) 1pc
Ambrosia Apple (Italy) 5pcs/pack
Fuji Apple (China) 1kg
Forella Pear (South Africa)  1pc
Breeze Apple (South Africa) 1pc
Fuji Apple (Korea) 1kg
Forella Pear (South Africa)  800g
Packham Pear (South Africa)  1pc

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